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About Myken

Myken is the world's first Electronic Election Company that made elections safer, Faster and generally better!

About Online Elections

Myken is the first and most powerful system to create and host an online election safely, Quickly and easily. Every year from all around the world thousands of people choose Myken for their online elections. Myken was first made and used in 2013 as an election system for schools. Couple years later this system was rebuilt and plenty of studies was done to make voting online easier and safer for users. Since pandemic, Online elections become much more known and used, So Myken decided to take a step further and bring it in multiple languages with the availability to create elections for free or paid plans.

Story behind Myken

Consider Myken an idea that was created by a student in high school, First launched under the name Achar Software Group in 2013 and used only in schools.
While sitting in a math class, Teacher says students will have to vote tomorrow for school's election ( An election that schools do to choose which student gets to talk to principal about the students problems ) So one of those students gets to think how stupid can these elections be, There are people counting those votes, They may count wrong, They can be paid off ( Well, He was a little too serious about this stuff :) ), And it takes too long and some classes will be cancelled for that, So he started to think what if computers do that for them? And that's how he got home and started to write Myken. With the help of his father ( a teacher ) he managed to get multiple schools to use it in the first year.
This couple schools only went on for one or two years, Until the student of our story decided to take it further and get schools from all over his country to use it, And then they received multiple requests for other kind of elections, Universities, Municipalities, Pre-Presidential elections and many more. And then myken was translated to multiple languages and made people able to pay in different currencies, So it went international.