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About Myken

Myken is the world's first Electronic Election Company that made elections safer, Faster and generally better!

Myken, The election company

Myken is the first and most powerful system to create and host an online election safely, Quickly and easily. Every year from all around the world thousands of people choose Myken for their online elections. Myken was first made and used in 2013 as an election system for schools. Couple years later this system was rebuilt and plenty of studies was done to make voting online easier and safer for users. Since pandemic, Online elections become much more known and used, So Myken decided to take a step further and bring it in multiple languages with the availability to create elections for free or paid plans.

Principles and company values

Keeping you safe

Our products and services are designed to keep your information safe and secure. Your privacy is very important to us.

Making things easier

Myken products help people, businesses, governments and enterprises to handle difficult tasks easier and better.

Count on us

Myken team has always work hard to satisfy customers and users even if it cost more than everything customers have ever paid us.

Highest quality, lowest price

We have always created and used the finest tools and technologies in the industry to serve our customers best quality while keeping our prices rather affordable.

Support has not working hours

Our support team is ready to answer whatever question you have anytime of the day. Phone call, SMS and online chats are some of contact methods.