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See how much you have to spend, the methods you can pay and if there is any promotion or off code you can use.

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Pay as you go

You can start creating and hosting your election, without paying anything. Charges are calculated based on your usage of our systems, once your election was done and hosted successfully, you can pay for what you used.

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Official contracts

Myken offers to sign legal and official contracts with you. If you are a organization, foundation, company or a government organ, We can specify terms together.

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costs to host an election on Myken

Every Vote 110 Ts
Sending SMS 100 Ts
Due to limits applied by the banks, minimum total price for elections will be 250,000 tomans.
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Here to help

Have more questions? You can contact us and talk to human agents to discover further pricing information or to request to sign a contract before your elections.


Frequently Asked Question

1. Myken plans can be bought only once per user, You may not downgrade, but upgrade is always available in your Account section.
2. Myken's Standard plan is free, but this does not mean that hosting elections that are not free, be hosted for free.
3. When sending OTP (One Time Password) to a participant's phone, you will be charged for it as much as mentioned in pricing for elections section. Notice that if a participant enter the code wrong, another SMS will be sent containing a new code, and you will be charged separately for it.
4. If you go with Standard plan, a logo of Myken might be shown somewhere in your election voting page, this logo does not block any of your content or cause any hard times for your participants. Although, this logo does not create any legal responsibilities for Myken to approve the legality of your election or to support any campaigns, groups, organs, nations, etc.
5. In your account, in the elections section we offer you a variety of online tools to create your voting page systematically and fully customized, notice that Myken is not responsible to customize your election the way you may have in mind or to apply any front-end customizations that can not be done through the system yet.
6. Myken Election Contracts are created and written by Myken's legal staff, You may request to add terms to it, but we may not accept to sign your self-written contract.
7. Myken Election Contracts may not be signed between Myken and a person. To get a contract you have to be a organization, nation or company.
8. Myken Election Contracts can be signed from a far distance and sent through FAX, Email or other digital ways.
9. An invoice will be created and digitally signed by Myken once you make a payment on Myken.
10. Myken offers Exclusive Domains that shows your voting page once reached, this feature is only available in Premium plan, dot IR domains are offered for free, but you should notice that some domains may already be owned by other people, so the domain you select must be available for purchase by a NIC provider and not a company or person who is trying to sell the domain for a higher price. Domain will be linked to your actual election, So only Myken can have access to changing or setting the DNS settings of that domain and it will be hosted on one of Myken's servers. Meaning that elections under not circumstances will be hosted on your provided server or owned domain.