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For Governments

Are you a government organ looking for a system to handle your elections online and safe? You're in the right place now.

Start your election

Safest way to do it

Securing elections can be quit complicated, Therefore Myken offers you a platform that has been working for years and nothing ever compromised the safety of any election on Myken.

1. Under no circumstances, Myken will share any databases, source codes, compiled server-side programs or other data that belongs to Myken and not users.
2. Myken's platform or your own election can not be hosted on your own servers or cloud network. Although you can request for a separate domain that is linked to your election, In case you needed a separate domain, Myken will purchase that domain for you and set DNS information, You may not have control over this domain's DNS or whois.
3. If your election had too many participants, Myken may ask you to sign a contract for certain legal reasons that will be mentioned in that contract.
4. Myken will not take responsibility if your election was in any way illegal in your own country or to other people, You will be responsible for any mis-use of the system. Although people or participants can always report an election or send feedback to Myken about it. You may also read Myken's Terms of Service to know more.
5. If you announce yourself as a government organ, Myken may ask you to identify yourself somehow.
6. In case you had any questions about elections you may read "Myken's FAQ" or contact us to learn more.