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Call Us

Call this number: +9851-55226610
1. Notice that this is not a 24-7 available phone number.
2. We may not be available if you call out of our working hours.
3. Currently, English and Persian are the only languages our support team may speak, In case you can't speak any of those mentioned, Choose another way to contact us.
4. Anonymous or suspicious calls may be blocked by the system automatically.

Text us

Text this number: +9850001212124660
*Please include the subject of your request, your name and phone number or email address so we can contact you shortly.

Email Us

Get in touch: info@myken.ir

Sales: sales@myken.ir

Technical: technical@myken.ir

Advertising: ads@myken.ir
1. Answering Emails may take some time, In case of emergencies, Use alternative ways to connect.
2. Please also include contact information ( besides your email address ) for us to get back to you.
3. Please do not include any sensitive information in you emails ( your contact information is OK ).

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Visit our Offices

Main Office: IR, Khorasan Razavi, Kashmar, Imam Khomeini St., No.335, Second Floor. * Office opens by 8AM closing by 9PM everyday.