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Online Elections


New era of choice

Myken is a platform for everyone to host online elections securely. Start for free, create your election and enjoy various tools Myken provides you to customize your election.

Super elections

Enterprises and governments are welcome to host their elections with larger number of participants without worrying about security or server resources. Start creating your election for free.


What makes Myken special

Easy to use

Years of studying elections and voting, Made voting on Myken very easy, user-friendly and fast.

Faster Process

Since system automatically does most things for you including counting votes, You'll save time.

Pay Later

Pay whatever amount your election cost after your election was done before seeing the results.

Pay As You Go

Only pay as much participants voted on your election after your election was done.

Pay with BTC

Choose your favorite payment method, BTC, PayPal, Rial and more.

Cloud Network

Myken runs on a Cloud Network, Making it able to handle any traffic or any election at any size.

School elections

Host an online election for your school or university, manage your students, authenticate them with their phone numbers or social security numbers. Start today for free.

Man celebrating Myken Premium

Enjoy Premium

Get the full benefits of online elections and candidates advertising solutions by signing up for a Myken Premium Account. Host your election on exclusive domains and remove Myken logo from voting or ad pages.

security with guard


Read about how Myken protects votes and ensures the safety of elections and advertising costs for election candidates.

security with guard
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Create an election for free, add your candidates, define your participants and enjoy hosting.

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